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Remodeling & Construction

Vittorio Remodeling & Construction is specialized in a complete set of construction & remodeling services including Complete Remodeling, Outdoor Living, Energy Services & Replacements. Whether you need us to remodel an existing structure or build something new from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

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Quality Services

Our vision is to provide premium quality services with innovative ideas for all of our clients according to their needs. Starting with a free consultation, we provide the best and realistic estimates and turn your dreams into reality step-by-step.

Construction & Remodeling

Whether you need us to remodel an existing room or structure or build something new from the ground up, we’ve got you covered. Our talented team of designers and architects will work hard to bring your dreams to life. Contact us today to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation. Remember, we are not just building houses…we are building dreams.

Outdoor Living

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space by adding an Outdoor Kitchen, Patios, Artificial Turf, Sun-room and more, all according to your needs and budget.

Energy Services

Whether you want to install a Solar Energy Panel, Home Battery or you want to know the reason behind higher energy bills, we have got you covered.

Replacement Services

Like all other things, your house also require repairs or replacements because of some damages that may have occurred.  It could be Roof Replacement, HVAC Replacement or maybe Windows & Doors Replacement. Whatever it is, we'll provide you best services according to your needs.

Our Most Popular Services

Site Locations, Financing, Contracts & Permits, Building Design & Material and more…
Demolition, Home Remodeling Designs, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and more…
Planning & Designing, Building Permit Acquisition, Garage Conversion and more…

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Inspiring Projects

Life Begins With Home

Highly Skilled Project Manager & Whole Home Remodeling Specialist!

Curson Ave, Los Angeles CA-Custom Home

Project Year: 2019
Country: United States

Landscape Project

Project Year: 2020
Project Cost: $1,000 – $2,500
Country: United States

McCormick StLos Angeles, CA 91316

Project Year: 2020
Country: United States

Back Yard and BBQ Projects

Project Year: 2020
Country: United States

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Our Process

We think out of the box to deliver


• Consultation
• Realistic Estimates and Cost Analysis
• Construction Permit Acquisition
• Agreements with our Contractors
• Designing and Engineering
• Scheduling and Goal Setting
• Building Material Procurement


• Material Inspection & Labour Supervision
• Scheduling and Budgeting
• Client Meetings & Reporting
• Client Approvals
• Monthly Invoicing and records


• Post Examination 
• Closeout Punch List
• Warranty & Maintenance
• Client Reviews

Why Clients Love us

Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan
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We just moved to Flintridge and we needed professionals that can provide us with the most exquisite full home renovation. I contacted Vittorio Corp and they had the job done swiftly and efficiently. Their astute professionals proved they are the best. They increased the value of the property without overly stressing my pocket. They paid great attention to our comfort as they worked and finished the project with two days to spare. Thanks a bunch.
Justin Caulker
Justin Caulker
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Upgrading a kitchen has unlimited possibilities for comfort. I recently found out that it can come at a small budget to refresh and modernize my kitchen design. I hired Vittorio Construction and Remodeling Inc to help with my kitchen makeover. The job was neatly done. For any kitchen remodeling job around Los Angeles, they are always ready as your best kitchen remodeling experts. They helped me to fully fulfil my space desires, and met my requirements regarding structure and aesthetic. Customer support is excellent and they make use of high standard quality equipment and fittings. I will wholeheartedly recommend their world-class services.
Stan Josh
Stan Josh
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I didn’t have much use for my garage and my friend advised me to contact Vittorio Corp as they are dedicated to providing affordable garage conversion service. I did and never regretted the decision. The fantastic service didn’t cost me a fortune and their amiable team were efficient and reliable; turning my garage into an adorable room within a short time without any discomfort to me while the project lasted. I am highly fascinated with the work they did and cannot thank them enough.
James Smith
James Smith
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It has always been our dream to retire and add a deckhouse where we could spend the evenings reminiscing. So when we finally decided to both call it quit, the challenge arose to find a competent contractor who will materialize our dream of the perfect deck. It took us time but we finally settle on Vittorio Remodeling and construction inc. No one could have made a better decision. They built for us, a beautiful and spacious spec that stood rigidly without as tiny as the faintest sign of imperfection, the wood glowing from proper polishing and finishing. They work with such great ethic and professionalism to deliver our project as schedule and as designed. Their service was affordable and they made use of standard high quality materials. I can’t thank you guys enough!

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